Underfloor Heating in Horley and Surrey | Energy-Efficient Central Heating Systems from Local Plumbers

D & R Plumbing & Heating Ltd is a plumbing and heating company located in Horley. We offer an underfloor heating installation service to homeowners in the surrounding Surrey area. Our personnel have NVQ training, Gas Safe accreditation and more than 30 years of trade and industry experience. From the design and installation of an underfloor heating system to its ongoing maintenance, we guarantee our workmanship and provide full manufacturer warranties on all materials used. Contact us to find out more.

Underfloor heating has seen a rise in popularity over recent years as its benefits become clear. The primary benefits include:

  • Energy-Efficient Performance

  • Cost-Effective Installation

  • Positive Health Benefits

  • Hidden Aesthetic Appeal

Underfloor Heating and Home Benefits

Importantly, underfloor heating systems cut heating costs for customers in Horley and the surrounding Surrey area by as much as 30% when compared to a traditional central heating system using radiators. Underfloor heating is also more efficient than a radiator system because the warmth generated at floor level is in individually controlled zones with thermostats specific to the room space.

With underfloor heating, floors heat evenly to achieve comfortable and constant temperatures throughout the entire room. Radiators only heat air in their immediate vicinity. Warm air rises to leave the lower levels of a room cooler than the higher levels. This is problematic and inefficient in homes with higher pitched or vaulted ceilings.

Underfloor heating doesn’t need to circulate warm air to heat a room. It also offers additional health benefits to homeowners in Horley and the surrounding Surrey area. Due to radiant heat, underfloor heating reduces dust circulation to provide a clean, low-allergen environment.

Aesthetically, underfloor heating optimises wall and floor space. It also negates the need for heavy or clunky radiators. This gives our customers more flexibility when designing or decorating a room layout after an installation from our company.

The Complete Installation Service

D & R Plumbing & Heating Ltd provides a complete underfloor heating installation service. After inspecting properties in Horley or Surrey, we design a system that suits their dimensions and the specification of the boiler. The installation process differs from job to job but will usually follow the same basic steps:

  • Debris cleared from the sub floor to leave a clear working area

  • Insulation laid to make the system more efficient

  • Pipe fixing system fitted to the insulation

  • Manifold mounted to a suitable wall space

  • Pipes laid in a snake-like pattern with 200mm between each run

  • Pressure test of the pipe system to check for leaks

  • Screed laid in accordance with CP8204 with the system under pressure

We are reputable plumbing and central heating specialists. Our work on underfloor heating systems complies with BS EN 1264 requirements. We uphold manufacture warranties and offer our own two-year guarantee on completed workmanship.

To discuss underfloor heating installations in Horley and the surrounding Surrey area, call 01342 843724 or 07710 008505.