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The team at D & R Plumbing & Heating Ltd consists of accredited Gas Safe plumbers, heating engineers and bathroom fitters with NVQ qualifications. The services we provide benefit a wide range of Reigate homeowners, and we help them through their problems with care and professionalism. From boiler repairs and central heating system maintenance, to underfloor heating installations and emergency plumbing services, we meet your needs at every level possible.


Below, we outline the core services we provide to customers in Reigate, and explain how the plumbers, heating engineers and bathroom fitters at D & R Plumbing & Heating Ltd cover every conceivable angle.


Bathroom Refits


An ideal investment with short-term and long-term benefits.


A brand-new bathroom, professionally installed by our plumbers and bathroom fitters, ticks numerous boxes for Reigate homeowners. As well as bookending the beginning and the end of every day, bathrooms also provide a peaceful sanctuary for relaxation. Playing such an important yet underrated role in our days, it makes sense that property owners would invest time and money into making their bathrooms as good as they can be.


Our bathroom fitters provide our valued Reigate customers with a complete start-to-finish service supported by qualified plumbers. As a local firm with an enviable reputation, we source the very best materials and offer outstanding workmanship on all projects undertaken.


For more information on bathroom refits, please contact our plumbers and bathroom fitters today. We include underfloor heating installations in our remodelling service and can also perform upgrades on boilers and central heating systems.


Emergency Plumbers


A dependable service for those out-of-the-blue moments.


By their very nature, plumbing emergencies can strike at any moment. At D & R Plumbing & Heating Ltd, we provide a 24-hour emergency callout service and will dispatch plumbers to properties in Reigate as quickly as possible. We can deal with most emergency boiler repairs and work on central heating systems immediately because our vans carry fast-moving spare parts. We can source non-stock components during normal business hours.


Whether you have a burst pipe, a flood, a frozen system or a central heating leak, our plumbers and heating engineers apply their expertise to fix the issue quickly. While we are at your property, we undertake a full system inspection to check for any underlying issues including the need for boiler repairs.


Underfloor Heating


An energy-efficient heating system with aesthetic appeal.


When compared with traditional radiator systems, underfloor heating provides a more cost-effective and, most importantly, a more constant and controlled temperature in all areas needed inside Reigate homes. As the air around a radiator warms and rises, it often leads to the floor space, and the air around it, remaining comparatively cool. This isn’t the most efficient or the most cost-effective way to heat a room.


Our plumbers, engineers and bathroom fitters install underfloor heating in specific rooms with individual thermostats. This allows smaller areas to heat from the floor up, creating a warm room that can also reduce energy bills. What’s more, with no need for radiators, Reigate homeowners maximise floor and wall space for redecorating and redesign purposes.


Central Heating & Boiler Repairs


Essential services to keep heating and hot water in use.


To ensure continued availability of all-important heat and hot water supplies inside Reigate homes, timely boiler repairs and central heating maintenance services are essential. Much like the repairs performed by plumbers and bathroom fitters, it’s impossible to predict when elements of the boiler or central heating system will malfunction. Our responsive services minimise impact from such events.


We treat all boiler repairs and central heating maintenance projects as matters of urgent attention, and our Reigate customers always receive the fastest possible service.

To discuss plumbing services, boiler repairs, central heating maintenance and underfloor heating installations in Reigate, call 01342 843724 or 07710 008505.

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